Simpul Events

Simpul Events Plugin

This plugin is designed to create a post type “Events” and Widget that will display a Calendar and/or list of Events.

Author: Alexander Conroy



How to Use this Plugin:

  1. Download the plugin from the WordPress Repository here.
  2. Install the Plugin like any other WordPress Plugin
  3. Activate the Plugin
  4. Add an Event under “Events” and “Add New”
  5. Choose a Date Begin and Date End
  6. Choose a Link (if needed)
  7. Choose a Location (if needed).
    • The Google Map will auto update after you stop typing for 5 seconds to show the location selected
  8. Go to Appearance ->Widgets
  9. Drag the “Event Calendar” Widget into the Sidebar you want to use.
  10. Choose the options as you need them. You can display just the calendar or just the events as a list, or both. The Calendar will always be above the list.
  11. Style as needed:
    • Classes:
      • List
        • .snippet
        • .date
      • Calendar
        • .simpul-calendar-month-previous
        • .simpul-calendar-month-current
        • .simpul-calendar-month-next
        • .simpul-calendar-today
        • .simpul-calendar-row
        • .simpul-calendar-header-row
        • .simpul-calendar-header-left
        • .simpul-calendar-header-right
        • .simpul-calendar-header-title
        • .simpul-calendar-labels-row
        • .simpul-calendar-labels-day
        • .simpul-calendar-week
        • .simpul-calendar-day
        • .simpul-calendar-number
        • .simpul-calendar-clickable
        • .simpul-calendar-cell
        • .simpul-calendar-event-title
        • .simpul-calendar-event-date
        • .simpul-calendar-event-date-begin
        • .simpul-calendar-event-date-end
        • .simpul-calendar-event-link
        • .simpul-calendar-event-location
        • .simpul-calendar-event-map