The Esotech Brand Story

Original Esotech Logo from 2008.

The Esotech Logo, and the Esotech Name were created due to it’s initial founder, Alexander Conroy’s,  spiritual and technological roots.

To many, the equivalent of magic and mysticism in the modern world is working with and mastering technology. Magicians and sorcerers were those who understood the path of magic, and its inner workings. These magicians understood the esoteric practice of their local folk or global religious traditions.

The Name

The name Esotech is a combination of the word Esoteric and Technology. Esoteric, by definition, means:

intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

Esotech, or Esotechnology therefore, is meant to be defined as:

“intended for or likely to be understood by a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest in technology.”

Alexander enjoyed labeling those who practice Esotech as “Technomancers”, another play on words as -mancer is used as a suffix meaning:

divination, prophecy, fortune telling; to interpret signs so “practical” decisions can be made [related to -mania])

A Technomancer is invaluable when analyzing data regarding your marketing campaigns and technology. Being able to make  “practical” technology decisions and recommendations  at a glance through intuition and experience is a skill reserved for very few.

The Logo

The Esotech Logo under went very few changes, however there is a subtle hidden element within it. The curved E, is in fact a modified typeface for the modern Devanagari character Om (ॐ). In Hindu traditions, Om is known as the seed syllable, the primordial word. Om is the first vibration which manifested as sound.  Before the sound of creation all was “Shunyākāsha”;  emptiness or void. Technology is based on oscillations.  Both hardware and software work on “vibrations”, so having a part of the primordial word Om was desired.

The Om in the Logo is reverse, and part of it is missing, for aesthetic purposes and to avoid obvious identification with Hinduism. In fact, the original concept for the logo looked like this:

After consulting with a Kashmiri Pandit, good friend and Sanskrit teacher Chaman Lal Raina, he recommended that if Om is used in this fashion, the symbol should be modified, so that would have more esoteric value. With his blessing, the logo’s E was modified and finalized.

A gothic T was used to give the logo balance, in black on a white background (or white on a black background). The Gothic T fit very nicely with the E to create a very prominent and recognizable symbol.


Esotech started in 2008 as a technology consulting and repair company. in 2010, Alexander Conroy and Bill Grunau met on Twitter at Jazz in the Gardens in North Miami Florida. Alexander was tweeting pictures from the stands, which got picked and retweeted by Bill in the media tent. Alexander recalls that his companions kept telling him to put his phone away, but Alexander kept insisting that opportunity is everywhere and he wanted to make sure to follow through, taking pictures, tweeting and getting involved with the concert.

Six months later, Bill and Alexander began talks about using Alexander’s skills and knowledge of SEO and Technology and Bill’s marketing and managerial experience to create a company they could grow. They decided to repurpose Esotech as they felt it represented everything they wanted to do and was already established.

Esotech was to become an inner circle of specialists that offer quality technology services in SEO, Web and Data Management technologies  that could never be matched by outsourcing companies overseas or even locally. Anyone who comes into the Esotech circle is treated the same, and overwhelmed with the tech and marketing secrets to learn. Esotech isn’t for everyone, it’s for those who have the tenacity and will to learn and grow through work and research.