TLD CRM is a SaaS (Software as a Service) mobile friendly platform that only requires an internet connected device to use. Integrated VOIP System Built-in compatibility with both Genesis and Five 9 progressive (automated) dialers Real time reporting on your call center activity Email module for automated email drip campaigns SMS marketing module. Full API integration with top lead vendors for automatic lead downloads and posting For more information visit:


  Why Choose Us Designing our servers, we kept ease-of-use at the forefront our minds to make sure taking care of the digital side of your business is a breeze. Our dedicated IT Support Team, swift browsing speeds, and secure server hosting practices ensure your website will find a happy home in an Esotech web server. High Performance Browsing With 1 Gigabit of bandwidth and low latency, your website will load faster than any of your competitor’s sites. Our servers are located in Tier 1 facilities, connecting them to the backbone of the internet, which provides low latency and limits data from bottle-necking to ensure your clients never have to deal with that annoying browser lag. Reliable, Secure Hosting Our servers are compliant with PCI Security Council standards and we constantly implement new security measures to keep your data, and your clients’ data safe. Our redundant data storage perpetually jolts information between our drives so your data is always backed up, and never lost. Managed Hosting Focus solely on the content of your website and leave the excess stress behind. We know running a business server can be time consuming, so we professionally manage your server when you are busy, and even when you’re not. We handle the administration of your software, security, and storage updates all while offering a direct line to our IT Support team to answer any questions.   Basic from $9.99 /mo     Contact us for server hosting information at:[email protected]  


Esotech developed SuitePress as a plugin to display and organize your NetSuite Web Store. It creates a section on a WordPress website that allows the assignment of product numbers to pages which display your NetSuite web store data including price, names and descriptions. NetSuite handles Checkout and Processing while SuitePress handles the look, feel and interface.  SuitePress also includes an uploader that will import and update items from your NetSuite website via CSV import, making it easy to add thousands of products all at once. This can also be automated to send your most recent sales orders daily. The integration process starts by enabling the WSDK, (Web Services Developer Kit) on your NetSuite account. NetSuite considers SuitePress an external catalog site, which means that SuitePress is hosted and designed off of the NetSuite system, but integrated with NetSuite’s customer login, shopping cart and checkout pages. While SuitePress hosts pages that you design and control, the shopping cart, customer login, registration, and checkout pages of your site are still entirely hosted by NetSuite. Special links take the customer smoothly between SuitePress and NetSuite. We are able to retrieve and display the following information from NetSuite from your products in a WordPress site: Item Names Item Description Item Prices Item Stock Status Item Weights Item Pictures Add to Shopping Cart buttons Because we are using WordPress, we do not need to setup any categorization in NetSuite, we do this directly in WordPress. Because we are using WordPress we can also setup multiple forms of categorization for a single item by customizing WordPressfor you. The first step in SuitePress integration is defining what products and categories you are using. SuitePress create a section for your products which separates products from Posts and Pages, and then allow you to pull in product data by assigning the NetSuite item number in a custom field. This product number also allows us to pass data to the NetSuite shopping cart. During the Section creation we can also add on extra fields, image/file uploaders, categories, tags and other custom options for each product that may not exist in NetSuite, giving you more flexibility to pitch and sell your items than NetSuite itself, not to mention the ability to add blog posts, and regular site pages with ease. WordPress is also extremely SEO friendly, our SuitePress installations are built with technical SEO in mind. You also benefit from the installation and configuration of our Simpul Suite of plugins for WordPress to track visitor data and leads or display blogs, social media content, events and more.  SuitePress pulls data from NetSuite and display it as needed, with optional caching for increased performance. SuitePress mimics your product lineup in WordPress, but you must still control things like pricing and other key fields in NetSuite. Any actions that have to do with the shopping cart are passed to NetSuite, so some level of styling will need to be done for the shopping cart in NetSuite itself our SuitePress integration can include this service as well. Please give us a call at 1-888-646-9653 to discuss SuitePress and what Esotech can do for your business. We offer much more than just implementations and can walk you through the process of visualizing, actualizing and then optimizing your digital marketing success.