Alexander Conroy

Co-President, Chief Optimization Officer, Esotech, Inc.

SEO Specialist, Programmer and Power user, Alexander has a diverse background in technology, psychology and marketing. Alexander excels in logic, information architecture and the almost metaphysical concepts behind search and relevancy. His experience with both paid and organic lead gen for the health insurance industry gave him synergistic insight, intuition and analytic competencies rarely found today.

Active in technology and always on the cutting edge, Alex is an autodidact that takes apart the latest devices, software and apps as soon as their released. Often participating in Beta testing of software, services and social networks, Alexander has established a social media presence as a master of technology, often blogging on and his own personal blog

Alexander is the engineer and designer of many proprietary Sales and Lead Management Databases as well as various custom WordPress SEO and Lead Gen plugins. A focus on LAMP Programming and Database design has given him the ability to visualize database architecture and code functions in his mind, with the keyboarding skills to actualize them at over 110 WPM.

An ever growing background in hardware, software and technology trends makes him a definitive resource for clients, being able to pinpoint both opportunities and issues with stunning alacrity and accuracy. As a consultant, Alex has performed miracles when under extreme pressure. His advice and guidelines have created lasting and continuing impressions on many successful businesses.

Alexander has a Master’s Degree in the Academic Study of Religion with a focus on Eastern and Western Mysticism, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.