Gregory Conroy

Greg is a passionate programmer with a habit for documentation and usability. He is interested in all things technological and is well-versed in both web and software development. Fluent in the use of PHP, Javascript/jQuery, CSS, HTML5, MySQL, and Java, he brings his object-oriented approach to the team to give applications a logical and readable flow.

He documents his code abundantly and does so in the hopes that it can be integrated into other uses. He has maintained his own web server and game server and is familiar with the idiosyncrasies present in MySQL databases and the proper security measures to take in securing data. A critic at heart, Greg constantly checks for errors, regardless of what he is doing, and often catches little mistakes that others overlook. Once familiar with a language or topic, there is little if anything at all that can stop him.

A habitual gamer, Greg also knows that a good interface leaves a happy gamer, not to mention an even happier customer. Fluid navigation through sites is one of his major goals along with optimal load times, and customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with it, chances are he’s not either. With a degree in Information Technology, he uses all his resources and stops at nothing to be sure that each client is thoroughly satisfied.