Toney (Nox) Mauzy

Web Developer, Esotech Inc.

Front End Web Master, CSS Pro, Graphic Artist, Supreme Illustrator. Nox has perfected his craft over many years by staying involved with the ever changing web design world. His experience and resume includes million dollar company back-end projects, as well as high profiled entertainers personal sites. This gives him the advantage of working in a team environment as well as custom solo builds. Nox has a Multi-media degree so his expertise spans across web, graphic, print, animation and video designs. Design is a passionate hobby for Nox, so he never feels like he is working.

Nox’s first passion is music which took him many places around the world. All the while, he has stayed in touch with his design. Researching, practicing, and producing new projects along the way. Music has led this Ohio native to California were he obtained his Multi-Media degree. Upon graduation he landed his first Web Design job with where he designed and built custom sites for celebrities in the Hollywood area.

Nox continues to perfect his craft by continuing to learn Javascript, jQuery, PHP,  and ASP. His passion has no bounds and he aspires to know more at all times.  Although he is very well crafted in design, he has a bigger passion for web coding. Now that he is a part of the great Esotech Team, his skills will build stronger.