Alexander Conroy

Joomla! Hack – Add Query String to Chronforms Redirect URL from POST Value

I had an instance where I needed an ID Variable to be placed in the URL as a query so i could pull it down from the next page with Javascript.

I wanted the URL Redirect field not to just go to but to Variable)

In order do do this we need to edit chronocontact.php in components/com_chronocontact

On Line 359 we find: $mainframe->redirect($cf_rows[0]->redirecturl);
We concactenate the query string we want and add the POST Variable from the previous form (that i was generating with mktime() )
So we change it to : $mainframe->redirect($cf_rows[0]->redirecturl.”?xID=”.$_POST[‘xID’].””);

Hope this helps some of you!

Complete Modified Code:

if ( !empty($cf_rows[0]->redirecturl) ) {
if ( !$debug ) {
} else {
echo “<div class=’debug’ >Redirect link set, click to test:<br />
<a href='”.$cf_rows[0]->redirecturl.”‘>”.$cf_rows[0]->redirecturl.”</a></div>”;