Creativity is key to bringing your vision and digital marketing strategy into sharp and clear reality.  It is also essential that the creative design and branding is in line with your vision so your dream isn’t high-jacked by over zealous designers with their own vision.  Likewise it is vital not to kill the creativity of the design team and lock out what could be amazing new ideas and concepts.

Our talented design team, experienced leadership team, and a creative design process ensure that we deliver designs to bring your vision into a sharp reality!

A Creative Design Process to Deliver Your Vision

 It is imperative to have a talented design team, but even the best design team can go astray without a clear understanding of the vision and a creative process to keep the team in sync.

  1. Idea: Your vision.
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy: Your Digital Marketing Strategy is a critical part of the creative process as it defines what your marketing goals are, who your audience is, and also defines your product/service offerings. This information is vital to the creative team to ensure they clearly understand the product, customer, and goals of the campaign.
  3. MAPP:  Marketing Assessment and Persona Profile, similar to a creative brief used by traditional marketing firms, expanded for digital marketing, social media, and website design projects. The MAPP defines the tone and style of your campaign and further refines your customer demographics.
  4. Brainstorming:  Discussion of the overall vision and ideas of how to bring it to life.
  5. Concepts: several creative concepts are presented and narrowed down.
  6. Revisions:  Concepts are refined into the final design.
  7. Approval:  Your approval of the complete design package.
  8. Implementation:  The creative design is rolled out.