Content; communicating your vision.

In Actualizing your Digital Marketing Strategy and bringing it to realization website content and social media content is vital.  Content is how you communicate your vision to your customers.  Content also is key to SEO and your website performance in search results as well as critical website engagement performance such as Bounce Rate, Page Views per Visitor, and Time on Site.

Creating High Quality Website Content

Key Factors in Developing Content for SEO and Effective Communication:

  • Relevance:
    • Content must relate to the rest of your website and other pages.
    • Content must be consistent with the rest of your website and social media content.
    • Relevant content produces good engagement performance with visitors since they are finding the content that is relevant to what they searched for.
  • Quality:
    • Content must have substance and be good quality.
    • Minimum of 300 words and relate to other pages plus contain keywords.
    • High quality content is also vital to excellent website engagement performance.  Visitors that find high quality content read more pages and stay engaged on the website longer and will return to the website.
  • Authority:
    • The authority earned by your website and pages with search engines is a substantial factor in search results.
  • Keyword Density:
    • Too few key words and your page will not be deemed relevant by search engines, too many keywords and your page may be marked as spam.
    • Keyword relevance to other webpages on your website is a key part of the information architecture and website structure.
  • Links:
    • Links to your pages are a key factor for “Off Site” SEO and increase your website and page authority and search rankings.  Excellent and expert content helps get links.  Links to other pages as reference resources, done properly, also help with page authority and relevance.

Content creation is often the most challenging aspect of implementation in a Digital Marketing Strategy.  We offer content writing services for our clients in need of help in this area.

Our content creation services include:

  • Webpage content development and creation
  • Webpage content editing
  • Blog writing
  • Tweeting for client accounts