Netsuite Development

NetSuite is a serious app for serious corporations. NetSuite can run your entire business, they offer an integrated software solution to process leads, sales, orders, and pretty much anything in between. It can even be a substitute for your company’s Quickbooks accounting software, as everything, even your website can be tied into NetSuite.

Being so robust comes with a downside; NetSuite is not very user friendly, and to the uninitiated, everything is a daunting task. NetSuite hasn’t done its best to make it’s UI easy to understand to the user, so one could imagine that making a website in NetSuite would be a difficult task.

We create NetSuite websites to specification, either through it’s API implementation method, or on NetSuite itself, which we find our most preferred solution.

Almost all of NetSuite design and development is done via HTML/Javascript editor, then cut and paste into NetSuite itself. This is a long and arduous process, but can lead to some spectacular designs. Our NetSuite design and consulting tasks commonly include:

  • NetSuite HTML/CSS Design
  • NetSuite Javascripting
  • NetSuite Tag Placement
  • NetSuite Setup
  • NetSuite SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • NetSuite WordPress Integration and Development
    • Using our “SuitePress” NetSuite Integration.
  • Information Architecture / Website and Shopping Cart Flow

With a little creativity, Javascript goes a long way in NetSuite. Using NetSuite tags in the scripts can create some pretty powerful effects. For those who want to stray away from the scripting method, NetSuite provides an API known as NetSuite WSDK that can be enabled on your NetSuite account which allows us to integrate NetSuite with popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. This API allows us to use common programming languages with NetSuite such as PHP, ASP, or even newer ones like NodeJS, giving ultimate flexibility and control of your site.