Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a beautiful website, loaded with good content is no longer enough to ensure that the website will rank well in search results.  In fact, small seemingly minor mistakes in the information architecture and page structures along with poor design practices can render a website nearly invisible in search results.

Before we start any SEO program we conduct an SEO analysis.  A successful SEO campaign must be well researched and carefully thought out because before you start optimizing and targeting specific keywords and pages you must be absolutely certain that the right keywords have been selected.  Often, in fact very often, the words that seem the obvious best choice for SEO are actually a very poor choice for several reasons.

Platform Specific SEO Services

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Why Obvious Keywords are often Poor SEO Choices

Very frequently the most obvious keywords are very poor choices for SEO for a number of reasons such as:

  • Highly competitive keywords – we can get results for these, BUT it is expensive and takes time.
  • General or generic keywords – may drive a lot of traffic, BUT much of it can be useless and irrelevant traffic.
  • High volume search keywords that are not highly relevant to your website – one of the key ranking factors is relevance, thus targeting keywords that are not highly relevant just to get traffic will not yield good results.

SEO and Website Metrics Analysis

It is essential to understand how a website is already performing BEFORE starting an SEO campaign.  We start by reviewing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools data in detail.  Good SEO is doing a lot of little things right and this requires looking at the website performance in detail.  

What about Search Ranking Reports? 

One of our favorite tools was the SERP (Search Engine Rank Position) analysis, however changes in how search works have made these reports less meaningful than they once were.  We still use SERPs to get a snap shot of were a site is ranking for common keywords, but we no longer rely on it as a key SEO metric.  Instead we use broader metrics to track the overall trends of the site and keyword traffic reports to show us the current detailed traffic patterns.  

Website Content and Structure Analysis

Another part of our SEO Analysis is a review of the website information architecture and internal pages.  It is critical that the website and subpages are structured correctly and follow current best practices.  This is not just a design suggestion, this is critical to search results are these are part of the over 200 factors that Google uses to determine where a website ranks.  Even with great content and the right keywords, a poorly designed website simply will not rank.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

When the website is complete and live SEO work begins.  While the site has been designed with SEO in mind there is much work to do after the site is launched in order to ensure it achieves the highest possible ranking and traffic.  Below is a summary of the tasks and scope of work for our monthly SEO services:

Below is a summary of the tasks and scope of work for our SEO services:

  • Onsite Optimization
    • Information architecture and website structure.
    • Optimizing page titles, descriptions, structure, design, CSS, tags, and content.
    • Content writing & blogging for your project as quoted.
    • Keyword optimization.
    • Blog optimization.
    • Site map.
    • Open Graph integration.
    • Social Icons and links to your social media
    • RSS feed
    • Installation of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and our SEO tools.
    • Detailed SEO analysis is available.
  • Off-Site Optimization
    • Link building (generating referring links to your site).
    • Submission to local search.
    • Article creation and submission.
    • Press releases
  • Sample Client Website Metrics-SEO Report_Redacted.