Alexander Conroy

Add Matrix Items, Options and Pricing to your Netsuite Website / Webstore

This is a Step by Step How to Add a Matrix Item in Netsuite


Firstly you need to make sure you are using the following tag in your HTML Item Template for Item Drilldowns to display your checkout options.

<%=getCurrentAttribute(“item”, “salesPriceHTML”)%> which gives you a dynamically changing price.

<%=getCurrentAttribute(“item”, “addToCartHTML”)%>

which gives you your option menus, delivery date and submit button.

Make sure to wrap a table around this one if you are trying to style it somewhere else besides its own row. For example:

<div id=”drilldown-add”>




<%=getCurrentAttribute(“item”, “addToCartHTML”)%>






  1. Create or Edit a Custom List
    • Setup -> Customize -> List -> Select/Add Option
      • Value -> Add Values
      • Show options in -> Choose
      • Matrix Option List -> Checked
  2. Create or Edit a Custom Item Field
    • Setup -> Customize -> Custom Item Fields -> Select/Add Option-> Check Item Types
      • Matrix Option -> Check
      • Type -> Multiple Select
      • List/Record -> List Chosen
      • Store Value -> Checked
  3. Create or Edit a Transaction Item Option
    • Setup -> Customize -> Transaction Item Options -> Select Option/Add -> Check “Web Store”
      • If the Option is to be Included but not seen, check Hidden.
      • Sourcing & Filtering -> Source List -> “Item”
      • Sourcing & Filtering -> Source From-> Item Field Chosen
  4. Create or Edit a Matrix Item
    1. Lists -> Websites -> Select / Add Item
    2. Use the Matrix Wizard to Create a Matrix.
    3. Custom Tab -> Item Options -> IMPORTANT: CHOOSE The Item Option that Corresponds to the Matrix Chosen!
That very last step is not so intuitive, because normally you would use that to select regular item options that have no bearing on price. You need to hold ctrl and click on the Matrix Option plus whatever other options you need.
Hopefully this can be of help to you!