Alexander Conroy

How to Remove or Disable Invoicing Option for Netsuite Web Stores

Netsuite_logo_only-squareEvery website in Netsuite has the option on Checkout to choose between being Invoiced or going straight to a Sales order form that supports Credit Cards or ACH. Most of the time you will not want Invoicing enabled because it is an inefficient way of dealing with online sales.

It is pretty easy to disable the invoicing feature but it’s somewhat buried, as are most Netsuite settings..

  • Under Setup on the Menu Bar
    • Highlight Website
      • Then Highlight Setup Website
        • Choose your Website / Webstore
This will give guide you to your main Website setup screen, we still have a little more navigation to do.
  • Go to the “Shopping Section”
    • Go to the “Checkout Preferences” Section
      • Find the Sales Order Type option
Here you will be able ot choose a static Sales ORder type from your Sales Order types, setup elsewher ein Netsuite, or you can choose “Per Customer Basis”.
Per customer basis opens up the Credit Card Form and Invoice Form field, allowing you to set different ones for each. Notice that this will open a radio menu in your Netsuite customer checkout allowing for Invoicing.
That’s it!