Alexander Conroy

Why “GET” Can Be a Problem Over “Post”

  • February 5, 2010
  • HTML
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This has to do purely with browser limitations. I recently encountered a major error using a Dialer management system that uses massive GET requests that fill the header with every parameter. I tried to create a custom query and save it so that I would be able to use it again. Unfortunatly it would return a error in internet connection page. I called up the company to find out what was going on. As usual, it is a problem they have never seen before and I was able to create an issue that can be a major problem to them in the future. The problem was that You can only have up to 2083 characters in the url for IE. I was trying to create a query with about 40 states included as well as other custom fields in their search feature. Knowing this it makes me wonder why even bother with the lack of security of PHP GET over POST. POST is cleaner, easier to manage and limits what the user can do without clear access. This makes for better programming and the necessity to check for problems and redundancies. The solution is simply resolved by switching to firefox which allows for longer URL Strings in the Header…but their software was “built” for IE. Ah well.