Our staff of coders are top notch. Given time and budget, they can accomplish anything. They are even known to seemingly work miracles at times. Esotech offers database, CRM, LMS (Lead Management System), and eCommerce programming in several languages.  Our programming services are available on a project basis or consulting basis.

Development Services

  • CRM Databases
  • Custom API Systems
  • Business Automations
  • eCommerce Platform Integrations to help you learn how to sell on amazon
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • NetSuite Development


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • EmberJS


  • mySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • msSQL


  • AWS
  • Linux Admin
  • Asterisk
  • SIP
A Custom database or program can help automate much of your business and eliminate most of the human error that comes from trying to keep large amounts of data organized, calculated and stored. Most companies begin their business book keeping in excel; and find that they can only maintain their business on a spreadsheet for so long. Eventually your company will require more robust, and collaborative applications to drive your business forward, not to mention real time custom reporting of your data the way you want to see it.
Cookie cutter solutions don’t always work so consider custom software. We make sure to create applications that can grow with your needs; give us a call at 1-888-646-9653 to discuss your project, no matter how big or small. We will point you in the right direction and have your application developed in no time.

CRM Development

Looking for something exactly tailored to your industry? Let our data scientists and experts come up with a platform that automates your business from the sales floor to the fulfillment office. We have over 8 years experience developing custom web based solutions for companies both large and small. You let us know what you WANT, and we will build what you NEED.

White Label

We offer White Label consulting services for development and consulting services for those interested in expanding their service offering or in need of outsourcing specific projects. Our White Label services are performed under your brand name with billing and project/account management handled by your firm. Our full service line is available for White Label agreements with qualified agencies.

WordPress Themes

We create Wordpress themes from scratch, using only what is needed to get the job done. Most of our functionality comes from custom implementation. We take out the bloat of Wordpress by avoiding the features you won’t use in favor of those you will. Our Wordpress installations run extremely fast due to our customized process. We code using HTML5 standards and make every effort to be cross browser compatible, even with the dreaded IE8. You won’t be disappointed.

WordPress Plugins

Wordpress is one of our specialties. It is one of the most customizable Content Management Systems out there. It is more than just a blog, it provides an interface to attach anything you want to it. We have built from small but robust plugins and calculators, to full blown Lead Management Systems and Payment Gateways, all from scratch!

Netsuite Development

Netsuite is a serious app for serious corporations. Netsuite can run your entire business, they offer an integrated software solution to process leads, sales, orders, and pretty much anything in between. It can even be a substitute for your company’s Quickbooks accounting software, as everything, even your website can be tied into Netsuite.

We create Netsuite websites to specification, either through it’s API implementation method, or on Netsuite itself, which we find our most preferred solution.