World Social Media Day 2013

Find out what social media can do for your marketing campaign! Come see us and others discuss the benefits.

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Playable Pacman on Google Home Page

Hilarious, Google places playable pacman game on front page of, causing countless billions of wasted hours today. Very cute “Insert Coin” button there. Creative!! I love it! Figures, it runs like crap on IE, but runs smooth as silk on Firefox and Chrome…could it be HTML5? Will we see more of this to come? I sure hope so! The web is changing rapidly, as is all of our communications technology. Just look at Google IO 2010. Lot’s of exciting things to come…like Flash for Android!!  

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Symantec Buys Verisign

Looks like Symantec bought Verisign…boo! I got this e-mail today, just a couple of minutes ago. Dear VeriSign Customer, I am writing to inform you that VeriSign has signed a definitive agreement to sell our Authentication Services business to Symantec, a premier end-to-end Internet security provider with extensive distribution, broad product offerings and integrated service delivery. Upon closing of the transaction, the VeriSign Authentication Business, which includes the PKI, VIP and SSL assets, will become part of the Security and Compliance Group at Symantec, and VeriSign’s network infrastructure and domain name business will continue to exist as a separate independent company retaining the VeriSign name. Certain Authentication related brands and trademarks, such as VeriSign’s check mark, will be included in the transfer from VeriSign to Symantec. VeriSign will retain its corporate name and utilize it for our remaining business. In the last few years, the industry has seen consolidation in the security market, and we have heard repeatedly from you, our customers, of your interest in having our offerings integrated into a larger services suite. The combination of VeriSign’s market-leading SSL, PKI and VIP product lines with Symantec’s broad portfolio of information security solutions delivers on this request. You will now be able to authenticate your business, secure your website and transactions, safeguard your corporate network, and protect employee accounts and devices with a suite of products from a single company. Over the years you have supported us with your business and helped guide us on our product development and company strategy. It is because of this that VeriSign has category-leading products and is a brand synonymous with trust on the Internet. I’d like to emphasize that we plan to continue this effort during the transition period and onward. Additionally, you can expect the following from us going forward: – Continued product support and service. All VeriSign product and support contract obligations will be upheld. Nothing changes here. All support procedures, announced support timelines, and contacts remain unchanged, so please continue to use the same account management, sales, product, business and customer support channels you’ve been using. – Continued access to personnel and management. To help ensure a quick and seamless integration in conjunction with uninterrupted continuity of your services, Authentication Business leads Atri Chatterjee and Fran Rosch will remain with the business along with most of the Authentication Service employees. Additionally, your VeriSign points of contact will remain the same throughout the closing process, which we anticipate will be within 60 to 90 days. Any changes after that will be announced well in advance ensuring that the transition is smooth. – Improved technology and product synergies. We expect customers will benefit from the broader, complementary product offerings brought by the VeriSign Authentication Business and Symantec: from leveraging Symantec’s security research and analysis technology to including strong authentication as a core component of data leak prevention. We are dedicated to bringing world class services to our world class customers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local point of contact if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support.   Sincerely, Mark McLaughlin President and CEO VeriSign, Inc.  

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