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How Does Your Website Measure Up? Compare Traffic to Competitors with this Handy Tool

  • October 26, 2012
  • SEO
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Have you ever wondered how your website stacks up against your competitors? Google Analytics provides traffic data for your website, but provides no comparative data for other websites. In fact, without access to Google Analytics for a website it is impossible to get precise traffic metrics or data.

While you cannot obtain exact data for websites other than your own, there is a way to get comparative traffic rankings for your website versus competitors or other websites. Alexa and Compete offer traffic rank statistics based on data gathered from their users browsers. We created a easy to use Website Traffic Rank tool that runs Alexa and Compete traffic data for your website and multiple competitors and displays the information on the webpage. 

 Website Traffic Rank Comparison

Our Website Rank Tool shows the following data:

 Alexa Data

  • Alexa Rank & Top % – where your site ranks with respect to other websites, this is the Top Percentile.
  • Links In (as reported by Alexa) – shows the number of links into your website as reported by Alexa. This is not an exact number, Goolge webmaster tools provides the best link data, but this is good a good comparison between your website and your competitors. Inbound links are still one of the key factors for SEO so take a look at your reported links vs your competitors and other websites that have good traffic. 
  • Load Speed and Top % for Load Speed – load speed is important for SEO. A load speed of 2 seconds or less is recommended by Google.  If your load speed is over 3 seconds it needs improvement. 

Compete Data

  • Compete Rank & Top % – this where you rank in the Top Percentile of worldwide for Compete traffic.
  • Unique Visits (as reported by Compete) – estimated unique visits. Great comparison tool. 

Google Page Rank

  • Website Page Rank

Below is an example comparing Amazon, Facebook and MySpace. 

Alexa-Compete Traffic Comparison, Amazon-Facebook-Myspace

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa website traffic ranks reflect website popularity,  similar to TV’s Neilson ratings as this is not an precise measurement of traffic but an estimate of relative popularity. Alexa is measuring popularity, not unique visits. For example a visitor to that visits your website 5 times in one day counts as 5 Alexa visits, but is one unique visit.  

Alexa rank is a statistical estimate based on data gathered from the Alexa subscriber base of over 32 million users.

Alexa traffic rank is top down, e.g. #1 is the most popular or most frequently visited website. Websites with Alexa ranks of under 100,00 are in the top 100,000 websites world wide. Websites with Alexa ranks of over 1 million have low traffic and websites ranked in the millions have extremely low traffic. 

What is Compete Rank and Traffic Metrics?

While Alexa measures overall popularity, Compete measures unique visits to a website, thus a user visiting the website 5 times in one day is counted as one unique visit in Compete.

Compete is a website ranking company that compares and estimates unique visits to a website based on their subscriber community of over 4 million users. 

 Compete estimates website traffic statistically much like the Nielson ratings estimate viewer for TV shows. Compete traffic estimates are not 100% accurate as they are a an estimate based they user community, but they are very useful for relative comparisons between websites.