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WordPress 3.8 Update – Charlie Parker

The wait is over! WordPress 3.8 has officially been released to the public and is available for download. The company calls this “the most beautiful update yet.” The focal point of the update is the major improvement to the look and feel of the WordPress admin panel and user experience. All of us at Esotech love the update and the new look. The layout is crisp and sharp, easy on the eyes with easy to read fonts. See the comparison of the WordPress 3.8 to 3.7 admin panels below. 

Updated WP3.8 Admin Panel
Updated WP3.8 Admin Panel


Old WP admin panel
Old WP admin panel

The advanced, sleek and formal design is the first aspect you will notice about WordPress 3.8’s update. Dubbed, Parker, in honor of Charlie Parker, an American Jazz saxophonist and bebop innovator, is jam-packed with new features and designs but continues to offer the same abilities as previous versions.

Bold Colors

WordPress has a new modern design featuring bold colors! You will notice your dashboard will look slightly different in comparison to what you are familiar with. By default, WordPress installs a black themed dashboard, as opposed to its’ previous grayscale dashboard, which is intended to look more sleek and visually appealing. You have the ability to change this color scheme by accessing your Profile page – eight different admin colors are available to choose from.

Uncluttered Design

The uncluttered design makes for a great blogging and web design experience. You are able to easily navigate through the dashboard while feeling clutter free. The Open Sans typeface is bold, clean and modern which delivers clarity and simplicity.

Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone Capability

One of the greatest features that WordPress 3.8 delivers, is the responsive and optimized mobile and desktop viewing. She is now easy to read and easy to navigate, even on your smartphone, which before was a hassle! Her high definition is unmatchable at high speeds and easily adapts to tablets, smartphones, desktops and notebooks. WordPress is said to be sharper with its’ unique vector-based icons.


The theme screen now lets your survey your theme at a glance. You can navigate through your themes with your keyboard’s arrows to flip through and decide which theme best portrays your website. For those interested in a magazine-styled theme for your blog, WordPress has designed a new theme entitled Twenty Four Seven. It offers three widget areas and two page templates.

Will Plug ins Crash?

Although there are many new refreshing features; like many updates, there may be some plug ins that do not transfer over to the update properly, which could result in minor plug in crashes. There are generally easy fixes for these crashes, and previous updates have not shown issues to our Esotech WordPress platforms.

Matt Mullenweg, we thank you for this update and are pleased with what we see so far!

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