Alexander Conroy

How To Post Pictures and Files on WordPress 3

Posts and pages are never as exciting without a photo or two within it. WordPress makes it easy to create pages with photos and links to documents like PDF files and spicing it up your pages will help you generate traffic to your content, leaving you satisfied with the work you put into it. At times it can even be convenient to add a file to your page so your readers may print it out at their preference, such as a PDF file.



Adding Photos in WordPress

When wanting to add photos to your content, you want to put your cursor where you want your photo to start. You then want to click what I have outlined in yellow for you in the photo above.

That will then bring you a pop up like the one shown to the right. This offers you a few options; you can either drag and drop the photos/files, or you can get them from a URL, the gallery, or the media library. If you have not yet uploaded the photo/file you are interested in posting into your content, you will need to be sure to do so. 

Let’s say you need to re-use a photo you have already uploaded into your content or you need to modify your photo in any ways, the “Gallery” holds photos already within the content you are currently working on. The “Media Library” holds photos that you have already uploaded within any content (blog or post) you have published. This makes it convenient for you so you won’t have to re-upload the photo several times. 

If you have decided you needed to choose either Gallery or Libary, you would then find the photo you’re wanting to use and click “show” which is alongside the right of the table. You then are given the option to customize your photo to your liking. Adding a good title can help you with SEO purposes and helps you to find your photo later on when needed. Finally you want to choose insert  into post or you can even use it as featured image.

Adding Files

Although you take the same steps to add files, it posts completely different within the content. Follow all of the same steps you would take when adding a photo, except notice once you have hit insert into post the difference. This adds a link to your page rather than an image. This generates a link that allows your viewer to download whatever document you were adding to your content. The steps are all the same, but the viewing is different. 

Keeping your blog interesting will help you generate the proper viewers to your content, leaving you with a refreshing feeling of accomplishment.