Alexander Conroy

WordPress 3.5: Using the New Media Library & Photo Gallery Feature

We all heard the buzz that WordPress was rolling out with the new 3.5 version, and now, drum roll please, Elvin is officially here!

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbThere are many things to expect with this new version, but I am here to discuss the new media gallery and how to use the updated version. Read here for how to add media in version 3.0. 

Adding media to your WordPress posts are essential for high quality, well designed blogs/posts and is strongly encouraged. It makes your post pleasing to the eyes, all while keeping your readers interested. This brings us back to our elementary school days where we only read books that had pictures in it, am I right?

Here is an easy step by step guide to bring you up to speed with the new Elvin roll outs. 


WordPress Photo Gallery

 Galleries are photos grouped together on your post, but when your reader clicks on a photo it becomes zoomed and optimized for a closer viewing pleasure. It can easily be scrolled through like a slideshow. It is a wonderful feature if you have many photos to showcase, but do not want your blog to be cluttered. 

Here is a preview of how a gallery works. Click the photos to see the optimized showcase. 


Now, adding a gallery is simple. 

You would:

  • Hit “Add Media”

Add Media



  • On the left hand side select “Create Gallery”




  • You can then either upload new photos, or scroll through your media library.
  • Individually select each photo you would like for your gallery showcase. You know they are selected when there is a check-mark in the upper right hand corner of the photo.




  • Hit “Create a new gallery” once you have selected the photos you would like to use. Note: at the bottom you will see a preview of all the photos you have selected.
  • Edit your gallery to the order, link tos, and columns of your liking. 
  • Insert your Gallery.




 On the editing side of your WordPress post, you will not be able to see the actual gallery formed. It will show once your post is saved/published on the preview/published page. 


 Add Media

Add MediaNow I’m sure you have already noticed that even the icon button for “Add Media” looks a little different. Reason being, well, it is different. I have highlighted the “Add Media” option in yellow. The location of the button is in the same spot as it was in the past version. 


Drop / Upload Files

In order to upload files you can either drag and drop them into this field, or you can simply hit “Select Files.” This will bring you to a dialog box where you select files on your computer you would like to upload. 

drop files


Media Library

Once you have uploaded your photo you will notice that you are immediately brought to your media library. You are no longer brought to the editing page or where you decide how you would like to use it. The new editing field will be on your right hand side. 

 edit photo

 Here you can edit the name, caption, alternative text, description, alignment, link to, and of course, size. Once you have finalized how you would like your photo to be customized, you can now chose to “Insert into Post.” 


Now that we have brought you up to speed on how to simply add your photo to your post, here is the fun part, adding a gallery!