Content; communicating your vision. In Actualizing your Digital Marketing Strategy and bringing it to realization website content and social media content is vital.  Content is how you communicate your vision to your customers.  Content also is key to SEO and your website performance in search results as well as critical website engagement performance such as Bounce Rate, Page Views per Visitor, and Time on Site. Creating High Quality Website Content Key Factors in Developing Content for SEO and Effective Communication: Relevance: Content must relate to the rest of your website and other pages. Content must be consistent with the rest of your website and social media content. Relevant content produces good engagement performance with visitors since they are finding the content that is relevant to what they searched for. Quality: Content must have substance and be good quality. Minimum of 300 words and relate to other pages plus contain keywords. High quality content is also vital to excellent website engagement performance.  Visitors that find high quality content read more pages and stay engaged on the website longer and will return to the website. Authority: The authority earned by your website and pages with search engines is a substantial factor in search results. Keyword Density: Too few key words and your page will not be deemed relevant by search engines, too many keywords and your page may be marked as spam. Keyword relevance to other webpages on your website is a key part of the information architecture and website structure. Links: Links to your pages are a key factor for “Off Site” SEO and increase your website and page authority and search rankings.  Excellent and expert content helps get links.  Links to other pages as reference resources, done properly, also help with page authority and relevance. Content creation is often the most challenging aspect of implementation in a Digital Marketing Strategy.  We offer content writing services for our clients in need of help in this area. Our content creation services include: Webpage content development and creation Webpage content editing Blog writing Tweeting for client accounts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a beautiful website, loaded with good content is no longer enough to ensure that the website will rank well in search results.  In fact, small seemingly minor mistakes in the information architecture and page structures along with poor design practices can render a website nearly invisible in search results. Before we start any SEO program we conduct an SEO analysis.  A successful SEO campaign must be well researched and carefully thought out because before you start optimizing and targeting specific keywords and pages you must be absolutely certain that the right keywords have been selected.  Often, in fact very often, the words that seem the obvious best choice for SEO are actually a very poor choice for several reasons. Platform Specific SEO Services WordPress SEO HTML SEO Netsuite SEO Custom Platform SEO Why Obvious Keywords are often Poor SEO Choices Very frequently the most obvious keywords are very poor choices for SEO for a number of reasons such as: Highly competitive keywords – we can get results for these, BUT it is expensive and takes time. General or generic keywords – may drive a lot of traffic, BUT much of it can be useless and irrelevant traffic. High volume search keywords that are not highly relevant to your website – one of the key ranking factors is relevance, thus targeting keywords that are not highly relevant just to get traffic will not yield good results. SEO and Website Metrics Analysis It is essential to understand how a website is already performing BEFORE starting an SEO campaign.  We start by reviewing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools data in detail.  Good SEO is doing a lot of little things right and this requires looking at the website performance in detail.   What about Search Ranking Reports?  One of our favorite tools was the SERP (Search Engine Rank Position) analysis, however changes in how search works have made these reports less meaningful than they once were.  We still use SERPs to get a snap shot of were a site is ranking for common keywords, but we no longer rely on it as a key SEO metric.  Instead we use broader metrics to track the overall trends of the site and keyword traffic reports to show us the current detailed traffic patterns.   Website Content and Structure Analysis Another part of our SEO Analysis is a review of the website information architecture and internal pages.  It is critical that the website and subpages are structured correctly and follow current best practices.  This is not just a design suggestion, this is critical to search results are these are part of the over 200 factors that Google uses to determine where a website ranks.  Even with great content and the right keywords, a poorly designed website simply will not rank. SEO – Search Engine Optimization When the website is complete and live SEO work begins.  While the site has been designed with SEO in mind there is much work to do after the site is launched in order to ensure it achieves the highest possible ranking and traffic.  Below is a summary of the tasks and scope of work for our monthly SEO services: Below is a summary of the tasks and scope of work for our SEO services: Onsite Optimization Information architecture and website structure. Optimizing page titles, descriptions, structure, design, CSS, tags, and content. Content writing & blogging for your project as quoted. Keyword optimization. Blog optimization. Site map. Open Graph integration. Social Icons and links to your social media RSS feed Installation of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and our SEO tools. Detailed SEO analysis is available. Off-Site Optimization Link building (generating referring links to your site). Submission to local search. Article creation and submission. Press releases Sample Client Website Metrics-SEO Report_Redacted.

Email Marketing

Even with the meteoric rise of social media and its widespread adoption by businesses to engage customers , email marketing remains one of the most popular methods to contact customers.  Email marketing can be very effective with a well planned campaign and likewise can be seen as Spam with a poorly implemented stream of “email blasts”.   An excellent email marketing program will drive traffic to your website, build fans on your social media properties, engage and keep your customers informed.  A poorly done stream of emails will irritate your clients and can even result in your domain being Blacklisted as a Spammer (see below). Esotech can create a professional and engaging email marketing campaign with email designs that match your branding and an implementation plan that will deliver valuable content your clients will look forward to reading. Get Started with a 30 Day Free Trial on Constant Contact Constant Contact is our preferred email marketing and mass email platform at Esotech and we are a Constant Contact Partner. As a partner we can help you set up email campaign templates and integrate Constant Contact into your website with subscription and response forms. Do I need to use a Mass email or email Marketing Service-Platform If you want an effective mass email marketing program using on of the mass email platforms such as Constant Contact, icontact, mailchimp, or Vertical Response is an absolute must.  All offer a free trial period of typically 30 days and the pricing for all is about the same where for $30 per month you can have an excellent email marketing program for up to 2,500 recipients and $50 for up to 5,000 subscribers.  Mailchimp has a very generous free program for a limited number of emails per month, while Constant Contact has some additional features such as a autoresponder/drip program that works well for timed email marketing campaigns. All of the platforms have great templates and allow you to customize your email template for your brand style, logo and colors.  Esotech can create custom templates for your email marketing campaign to match your branding and style and help you set up a email marketing campaign that will deliver exceptional results. If you are still wondering if there is a way around the system and you don’t need to use a mass email service provider for your email marketing campaign take a look at some of the facts we have outlined below… Do I really have to have people “Opt-in” In short, yes.  All major mass email platforms such as Constant Contact, i-Contact, Mail Chimp, and Vertical Response require your mail list to be exclusively from users that have Opted In to your list and confirmed they want to receive your email marketing material or newsletter.  This includes current customers, past clients, friends, even family; ALL recipients on your list must have opted in to the list by subscribing on your website or accepting an invitation and confirming their subscription. This begs the question, what if I just add them to the list, who is going to know?  Yes you can manually add people to your list and check a few boxes verifying that you have permission to mail to them and you have a relationship with this person and send  mail to the list you uploaded.  The problem is that if more that a fraction of 1% mark your email as Spam you will get a warning about your list and may have to call the provider to explain the source of your list.  If it happens again they may permanently ban you from their platform.  All of the mass email marketing providers have a ZERO tolerance for Spam.  This is done to protect their own domain reputation because the email you send has a direct impact on their domain reputation and if enough people are marked as Spam the overall deliverability of email from their domain will be affected and this could cripple their business. Why Can’t I Just Send a Bunch of emails One at a Time or a Few at a Time Seems like a great idea!  It’s not “Spam” if I send them one at a time from your own email or another email account, right?  Wrong!  If you send a large quantity of emails with the same or similar subject and content, even one at a time, it may get flagged as spam the ISP (Internet Service Provider) Spam filters.  If you do this often enough the Spam filters will flag your domain as a Spammer and your domain will be Blacklisted, which means that emails from your domain are marked as coming from a suspected Spammer and they are rejected by the ISP server. While you can use a gmail, hotmail or yahoo account to send marketing emails so you don’t endanger the reputation of your own domain, consider this… do you really want your clients getting marketing emails from your company via a free gmail account?  What does this say about your brand and your company?  Will they even open the email or just delete it since it looks like Spam.  And once that email gets flagged as a Spammer you will have to set up another free account until it gets busted. What happens if my Domain is Blacklisted? The result of being Blacklisted is that emails you send to subscribers of the ISP that has Blacklisted you such as ATT, Comcast, AOL, etc may not receive your  emails and they will not even be in their Spam filter as they never even entered the network, they we blocked at the server.  Once your domain is Blacklisted, ALL email from your domain is marked as suspected Spam.  Each ISP has slightly different Spam thresholds and thus you could be Blacklisted at Comcast and not ATT.  This also depends upon how many offending emails you sent through each ISP. One of most popular ISP Spam filters is Barracuda Networks and they provide a Domain-IP Reputation look up where you can check the reputation of your domain to see if you have been Blacklisted or if your domain has been flagged for problems. If your domain has been Blacklisted the reputation can be restored, however it is a time consuming and somewhat complicated process that can take several weeks or months.  Esotech offers consulting services where we will restore the reputation of your domain and set up a compliant and effective mass email marketing campaign for your organization.


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