Alexander Conroy

Apps to Make Pinterest and Pinning Easier and More Fun

Pinterest logo appsPinterest has become one of the fastest growing social networks largely because of the unique experience it offers for sharing pictures and images of the things that interest you.  Pinning is easy with just a click of the Pin It button, but some websites and blogs aren’t Pinterest friendly because they either don’t have images or the images don’t convey the thought well for Pinning.  While Pinterest offers zero SEO value, because all of the links are no-follow links offering no benefits for search rankings, it does drive traffic to your website and develop brand awareness. We believe Pinterest should be part of most SMO Strategies

We found a few websites and apps that make Pinning easy and more fun by giving you the ability to pin a screenshot of the website or make a text quote into a Pinable image.  

4 Websites and Apps that Make Pinterest and Pinning Easier and More Fun

1. Pinterest Goodies Official Pinterest page for apps and tools. 

The Pinterest goodies page has handy apps and the HTML code to install a Pin It button on your Chrome bar, iPhone app (see below), Pinterest Follow button for websites (cut and paste the HTML code), and our favorite and perhaps the most important a Pin this button for your blogs and website.  

Pinterest Goodies and Apps

2. Pinstamatic

Easy way to Pin sticky notes, calendar dates, Twitter profiles and screenshots of websites. 




Want to pin a screen shot of a website or maybe a different image that what Pinterest grabs, use this handy website to do it.



4. PinaQuote

Found a cool quote and want to pin it, but wait, there’s no image or the images doesn’t make sense?  Use PinaQuote to Pin quotes to Pinterest.  

Mobile Apps for Pinterest

iPhone app for Pinterest

Reviews complain about it freezing up. 

Android App

we only found one Pinterest app for Droids and the reviews and other blogs complained about spam and had concerns about security.  So for now, sorry fellow Droid fans, no good app for our phones.  Pinterest said they are working on it, but that was in Sept 2011.  We recommend waiting for the official Pinterest app to come out.