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Handy Marketing Budget Calculator

There are lots of elements to a marketing campaign, website improvements or redesigns, SEO, PPC, blogging and content development, social media, press releases and more.  And we have not even talked about traditional marketing like print, broadcast media, direct mail, events and other conventional marketing. More often than not, there are more things to do than there is budget to fund. So every marketing manager has to play the budget allocation game and juggle the numbers until the budget works.

We created a handy Excel spreadsheet listing the common budget items by category and with detailed items showing monthly spending, daily spending and percent of total budget. Just fill in the blanks and juggle the numbers until it fits.

 Marketing Budget Spreadsheet Example

Below is an example of how the marketing budget spreadsheet works. Even though our focus is digital marketing, we recognize most marketing managers have to work out a marketing budget for all media, so we included print, broadcast, direct mail and even telemarketing in case you use these. You can change figures or titles.

Click on the image below to download the Excel file.

download Marketing Budget Excel Spreadsheet

Marketing Budget Summary Pie Chart Example

Marketing Budget Pie Chart from Excel budget spreadsheet