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3 Steps and 7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions and Sales

Increasing sales is a top priority for every business. The burning question is always “how”. When it comes to sales from a company’s website, the immediate conclusion is usually “let’s increase traffic”; the internet equivalent of let’s throw a few more logs on the fire or Captain Kirk yelling “more power Scotty!”. Increasing traffic will increase sales but increasing website traffic takes time, and to double sales, you have to double traffic! That’s no small task and in fact many times increased traffic is does not necessarily lead to increased sales, but that’s a topic for another blog post. There are faster and more effective ways to increase sales from your website.

You already have a goldmineBefore you go down the well beaten path of focusing entirely on traffic, let’s work the goldmine you already have. You already have traffic coming to your website. Before you throw more traffic at it, make sure your site is converting the traffic it already has. There’s no point in investing in more traffic if your site isn’t converting the traffic it already has!

We prepared the Slideshare presentation below to explain the 3 Steps and 7 Ways to Increase Website Sales and Conversions.


3 Steps and 7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions and Sales

Step 1 Increase Conversions

  1. Improve CTA (Calls To Action) on your pages and throughout the website.
  2. Friendly and easy to use Contact-inquiry page.
  3. Mobile friendly, responsive design, website.

    Step 2 Retargeting

  4. Retargeting campaign – bring recent visitors back for another look! Past visitors have 2X the conversion rate of new visitors.

    Step 3 Increase Traffic

  5. Quality SEO (increase organic traffic)
  6. Social Media – social media can drive traffic, in fact many of our clients have from 10% to 25% of their website traffic from social media.
  7. PPC and RTB paid advertising campaign – use paid advertising to supplement your organic and social media traffic and to target critical keywords.

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