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Increase Your Website Conversions with Retargeting

Over 90%, often as many as 97%, of website visitors leave a website without taking any action such as submitting an inquiry or making a purchase. Of course you can work on increasing your conversion rate, and with good work you may increase it from say 3% to say 5%, which means that 95% are still leaving your site without taking any action. So what about the other 95% that left, how do you bring them back, how do you re-engage them once they return to the cloud?

Website traffic and lead flow graphic

Website visitors are much like retail shoppers, they need to see a product several times before they will make a purchase. With retargeting you can place banner ads for your brand, even for specific products or services, in front of past visitors to your website when they visit other websites, including Facebook.

Leads-Conversions flow

How does retargeting work? As past visitors to your site visit other websites, a RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform places bids for ads on the site they are visiting. If the bid is successful, your  ad is placed on the website within a few milliseconds. Retargeting is very cost effective and has proven to be highly effective in increasing conversions. Retargeting CPC (Cost Per Click) costs are typically  less than 50% of the cost of Google Adwords, ranging from $0.35 per click to $1.25 per click depending on the campaign.

With RTB you can also place ads on specific websites, run contextual campaigns targeting websites by the context of the content, and target users based on third party data. Third party data campaigns use data provided by data aggregators to target users based on their interests and habits.

Esotech can get your retargeting and RTB campaign running in as little as two weeks along with an optimized Google search PPC campaign. We would be happy to review your website and marketing campaign with you. Please contact us if you have any questions about digital marketing, PPC and RTB campaigns, SEO or website design.

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