Alexander Conroy

ABC’s of SEO

  • January 19, 2010
  • SEO
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Articles, blogs and content. These are the essential components of SEO. Without these in the proper combination you will not rank in any search engine. The larger your site the better, organization is key, critical. You must have a plan for growth…it must be robust, and you must follow it day by day. Authority on the internet refers not so much qualiry, but non spam appearing quantity. Make your site make sense. Link it properly. Articles bring in backlinks, house them somewhere, syndicate them, give them away for free! Blogs are the bread and butter to new site content, besides static content itself. Use your blog to link to your internal pages with proper anchor text. Content is where you lay the foundation for a proper link strategem. This is where the secret is. The is where relevancy is of utmost importance. Do it right the first time, stick to standards and patterns.