Alexander Conroy

Googles Caffeine – New Faster Search Engine Indexing

  • June 9, 2010
  • SEO
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Google’s Caffeine indexing platform was just released yesterday. The web will now be indexed faster in a more “real-time” algorithmic process. Basically all the different qualifications that go into the search indexing formula will be piece-mealed in and compared to the the entire database in real time as opposed to building stack by stack of data over time in order to run the sort query and seeing major changes only pushed out after long periods of time and data analysis.*cough, wheeze, gasp*

What does it mean for SEO? It means the possibility that a new site will be indexed faster. We may start to see rankings rise at a rapid pace as we tweak and influence our sites for performance and SEO “friendliness”.

I am looking forward to seeing reports from the SEO field stating rapid changes instead of slow dreadful ones. Maybe now all those scam filled SEO companies won’t be able to promise results without a 6 months – 1 year contract.