Alexander Conroy

SEO In House

  • January 14, 2010
  • SEO
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In my experience, SEO in house is a must. There are a few critical things you need.

  1. PHP/mySQL, HTML/CSS, or equivalent Web Programmer. Someone able to code creative designs to look exactly as their pictures in both static and dynamic environments. Someone who knows open source CMS’s, dynamic data, databases and WC3 Compliance standards.
  2. Creative Designer. Someone whose sole job is to come up with creative pictures, and photographic/videographic content. This person works closely with the programmer. They must have an eye for the users perception of the website and be able to analyze the effects of his own designs based on testing methods.
  3. Content Writers. Content writers need to be proper professionals who are eager to do the work and maintain keyword integrity throughout all of their documents. they also should have experience in general marketing and preferably academic writing.
  4. The SEO Professional. The one who knows about everything, programming, creative design, content writing, marketing with the addition of SEO Best Practices and tactics. This is preferably you, the SEO Implementor reading this blog. You MUST delve into every field. You need to know how to work them, how to suggest answers to your team members questions. You bring everyones expertise together with your jack-of-all trades nature.

With these 4 key components in house you are bound for success. Create the plan, test the landing pages, optimize the site and write the content. Get your site out there and known. This is not for the unskilled or weak minded. This is serious business. It is hard and tedious but the rewards can be tremendous. A 5th component that can help but is not required for pure SEO rankings and traffic, is the general marketing expert. The one who knows how to build your brand, pull a traditional lead, make a real-life news or business contact and play the role of affiliate manager. This is an important role for your businesses success but not key to SEO specifically.