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Social Media Policy Examples and Best Practices

Social Media Policy BookMy previous post discussed How to Develop a Social Media Policy, as promised, this post lists provides some great examples of Social Media Policy along with links to policies from dozens of organizations across a range of industries.

Social Media Policy Examples

My two favorite social media policy examples are Intel and Ford (see infographic below).  I like the Intel policy because it is easy to read, focuses on a common sense approach, is practical, and at the same time it is very comprehensive without being overly authoritarian or rigid.  I like the Ford policy first and foremost because they employed a very cool infographic that will cause people to actually read and use it (clever concept guys), and secondly because it has great content and is a good policy.  Below the Ford infographic is a  link to a great blog by Social Media Today with a list of over 100 examples of social media policies.  Some of the links are now broken, but still a great resource.

Intel Social Media Policy

Ford Social Media Guidelines


Over 100 Examples of Social Media Policies, via Social Media Today and Social Governance.