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ESO / SEO – A Cosmic Twist of Fate Toward a Career Niche

  • January 14, 2010
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Updated: 5/11/2011

Now a fully operational Internet Marketing Firm, I look back on the words I said here last year and smile. I continue to move forward into the SEO world with confidence (not so much arrogance) and pride. This year has been amazing, Esotech has grown so much…the future is looking ever brighter as well. I have jumped deep into coding, Technical SEO, information architecture and site design and I have not led myself astray. Every day my coding arts get better, my tactics get stronger, and the results my clients see get better and better.

I am doing something right, perhaps my arrogant methods from long ago are just finally starting to prove themselves instead of being just talk.  I sympathize with the companies I have dealt with before however, SEO and Web Design is not an easy business. One is always pushing every projects deadlines and hoping to have enough time to take on the next, or the funds to hire help to do so.

This cosmic twist of fate I wrote about a year ago has only gotten stronger, it is amazing how far strong focus on your career and ideals can take you.

Old: 1/14/2010

For the past few years I have been working exclusively on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Before that I ran a computer repair and web design company named Esotech Inc., short for Esotechnology. Esotech is a word combining the latin Eso, which means hidden and technology. This was a play on the word Esoteric which refers back to my previous training in Esotericism, Mysticism and Spiritual academic topics. The point being that there is mystery and hidden ways to manipulate and understand technology.

In some cosmic twist of fate, I realize years later that ESO is an anagram of SEO, which is exactly what I have become to specialize. I say specialize with all the arrogance in the world, while aware of it. I will admit, I am not humble in my operations as I encounter day by day myself as a novice of old in those SEO professionals I held in such high regard. It looks like it’s about time I started talking to the community about SEO. I’d love to hear your ideas, converse with you, and overall learn from you if there is anything valuable to learn. Consider this a public forum where you can express yourself and discuss without worry. Hide your identity if you must.