Alexander Conroy

Technomancer Tools – Tenacity and Research

  • January 21, 2010
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One of the most difficult things you must do to qualify as a true technomancer is to troubleshoot and debug issues outside of your own field and experience. Where does this ability come from? The tenacity to preservere and the ability to research via keywords. With SEO and technology, you cant quit. You must keep moving forward and destroying the obstacles that lay ahead to ensure your manifestations are complete. There are resources all around you, advice, snippets of code, forums, support and even instructional video. The point is that most of the time you can solve every issue yourself when someone gives you the responsibility for a task that has failed. Do not drop it yourself, fix it where no one has been able to fix it. It is not easy, it is stressful and full of personal responsibility, but it allows you to manipulate the world in a way no other can. Think in keywords. Your questions are not questions but statements full of nouns with extra fluff words ready to remove and be typed into a search engine. It amazes me how quickly and easily professionals run away from a problem and leave a bandaid that is easily and quickly removed when things start getting dirty Never settle, your projects are yours no matter who youve contracted and no matter who works for you. The bottom line is you, the technomancer. That one man army. People will be jealous, spiteful, blame you, take things the wrong way…but the technomancer has what it takes to make magic out of technology.