7 Simple Steps for Effective Digital Marketing in 2015

With so many choices for advertising and social media plus SEO, digital marketing campaigns are often a fragmented patch work of individual elements running completely separately and sporadically. It’s easy to set up Google PPC, Facebook ads and a Facebook Page, maybe Twitter, Pinterest and a few other campaigns as you go. Each of these can be turned on or paused, go from very active to dormant, changing targeting... read more

3 Steps and 7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions and Sales

Increasing sales is a top priority for every business. The burning question is always “how”. When it comes to sales from a company’s website, the immediate conclusion is usually “let’s increase traffic”; the internet equivalent of let’s throw a few more logs on the fire or Captain Kirk yelling “more power Scotty!”. Increasing traffic will increase sales but increasing... read more

Increase Your Website Conversions with Retargeting

Over 90%, often as many as 97%, of website visitors leave a website without taking any action such as submitting an inquiry or making a purchase. Of course you can work on increasing your conversion rate, and with good work you may increase it from say 3% to say 5%, which means that 95% are still leaving your site without taking any action. So what about the other 95% that left, how do you bring them back, how do you... read more

5 Key Elements to Develop a Balanced Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has literally exploded over the last few years! Today, there are so many elements to online marketing, it’s tough to know where to start, what to focus on, and how to allocate your budget for time and money. Some say a great website with responsive design is vital and all that you need, while others believe it’s all about SEO. Of course there are the PPC (Pay Per Click or paid advertising),... read more

Handy Marketing Budget Calculator

There are lots of elements to a marketing campaign, website improvements or redesigns, SEO, PPC, blogging and content development, social media, press releases and more.  And we have not even talked about traditional marketing like print, broadcast media, direct mail, events and other conventional marketing. More often than not, there are more things to do than there is budget to fund. So every marketing manager has... read more

How to Create a PPC-Paid Internet Ad Budget

How much do you need to spend on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to achieve your sales goal? Setting an internet advertising budget is often elusive since there are several variables and metrics to consider in order to determine a budget based on a sales goal and actual performance metrics. Consequently many budgets are arbitrarily set based on what budget is available or most commonly what the company or person is comfortable... read more

WordPress 3.8 Update – Charlie Parker

The wait is over! WordPress 3.8 has officially been released to the public and is available for download. The company calls this “the most beautiful update yet.” The focal point of the update is the major improvement to the look and feel of the WordPress admin panel and user experience. All of us at Esotech love the update and the new look. The layout is crisp and sharp, easy on the eyes with easy to read fonts. See... read more

Does Re-Targeting Work? Why You Should Re-Target Website Visitors

Websites are much like retail stores.  Shoppers (visitors) like to window shop and browse before they buy.  Few buy on a first visit and it is critical to get them to come back.  Malls depend on location and store synergies to bring shoppers back.  So how do you bring visitors back to your website?  How about putting a branded banner ad in front of past visitors when they visit other websites, blogs, or even on... read more

SEM Redefined, PPC evolves into Real Time Bidding (RTB)

 Early internet advertising was primarily paid keyword advertising on Yahoo and later Google search results ads which are now commonly referred to as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.  The first  PPC ads date back to 1996 and led to Google’s first paid ads in 1999.   SEM was initially very simple PPC ads, a user typed in a short keyword that a company wanted to target and... read more

When to Post on Social Media To Maximize Reach

Social media destigmatizes communication between consumers and your business. Part of the casual communication is linked to time; social media is awake round the clock. But, it’s vanishing quickly. Don’t get me wrong. Social media is here to stay, but its nature; content and ideas shared and engaged, quickly becomes replaced by new content and ideas. Beside knowing how to maximizing your social media reach with... read more